Aqqua HotStream is a high efficiency point-of-use water heater for use in 120V AC (homes, offices) and 12V DC (RVs, campers, boats, off-grid) applications. It is ideal for occasional use, relatively low draw applications like a residential bathroom sink. By designing a system for this specific use, we offer an exceptionally efficient and superior low-power alternative to tankless and other point-of-use water heaters. The patent-pending design combines water compartmentalization and distributed heat prioritization to achieve maximum efficiency and hot-water delivery performance. 

Years of testing demonstrate that for these applications, Aqqua HotStream delivers an ever-present supply of instant hot water and minimal energy consumption. There's simply nothing else like it. 

 Ideal for: 

  • Residential & Commercial
    • Bathroom Sinks
    • Kitchen and Bar Sinks
    • Workshop and Utility Sinks
    • Lab Sinks
  • Recreation
    • RVs
    • Campers
    • Boats
  • Battery Storage
    • Off Grid 
    • Solar Homes