Plumbing Connections

For all Aqqua HotStream models, the lower fitting is the cold water intake and the upper fitting is for hot-water output. Both fittings have 9/16” threaded (24 Pitch) male fittings compatible with standard 3/8” female compression fittings available from plumbing supply stores.  

Connect the intake side of the water heater to the cold or hot water supply*, and the output side to the hot-water side of the faucet. In most cases, the water supply will have 3/8” male compression threads, and the faucet will have ½” male FIP threads.  So one water supply hose with 3/8” female compression fittings on both ends is required to connect the intake side of the heater, and one flexible faucet supply hose with 3/8” female compression on one end and 1/2” female FIP on the other is required to connect the output side of the heater to the faucet.

Electrical Connection

Aqqua HotStream water heaters operate on either 120 VAC or 12 VDC, and can be connected to standard 120 VAC household outlets using an off-the-shelf 12/120 VAC 40 VA transformer.

For 12 VDC installation (RVs, Boats, Campers, etc.), simply connect the power terminals on the water heater to the positive (+) and negative (-) sides of the 12V battery or other 12 VDC supply. Polarity is unimportant to the water heater so the +/- wires can be connected either way. To avoid damage in the event of an electrical short, a 4-Amp fuse is recommended between the battery and the water heater, and can be placed in series with either of the two wires.

For 120 VAC installation, connect the power terminals on the water heater to the 12 VAC output terminals on the Class 2 transformer. Note that some class 2 transformers also have a ground terminal, which can be ignored. (WARNING: USE ONLY 120/12 VAC 40 VA Class 2 TRANSFORMER. NON-COMPLIANT POWER SUPPLIES CAN DAMAGE WATER HEATER AND VOID THE WARRANTY). The Class 2 transformer cn be purchased from Aqqua HotStream or through online or retail electronics suppliers.

Cabinet Installation ( Models 1.0b-C and 1.0b-F)

The heater assembly is delivered in metal case designed to both protect the heater assembly and secure it to the cabinet. A temporary strap located on the back of the case secures the heater assembly to the case. Remove this strap before installation, but DO NOT REMOVE THE HEATER ASSEMBLY FROM THE CASE as this can result in severing the electrical connection between heater assembly and front-panel.

Place the heater assembly in the cabinet at the desired location and secure the case to the cabinet with #8 or #10 pan head wood screws using the four pre-drilled holes on the ears of the case.

Wall Installation (Models 1.0b-W and 1.0b-FW)

The heater assembly is encapsulated in foam insulation, designed to fit inside a 2" x 4" stud wall and between studs located on 16" centers. At 4" thick, the heater assembly fits snugly against sheet rock on one side of the wall and protrudes 1/2" out the other side, flush with outside of 1/2" sheet rock or other wall covering. A 17" x 17" decorative wall cover plate is provided to cover the assembly and house the front-panel display. 

The first thing you need to decide is the location within the wall where you want to mount the water heater. You can just sit the water heater assembly on the floor plate, or you can install a support between the studs at whatever height is desired. Keep in mind the location of the electrical power supply as you make this decision. The wall cover plate has four 1/2" diameter knock-outs, one in each corner, where the power wire will come out of the wall. For aesthetic purposes, it is recommended that the location of the heater assembly be defined to minimize the length of wire from the cover plate to the power supply.

From the top of the support base or plate, you will need to drill 1 1/4" holes in one of the adjoining studs to accommodate the intake and output ports. Both holes should be centered 1 1/2" from the front of the stud. The lower hole should be centered 1 5/8" up from the top of the support base (or plate), and the upper hole centered 13 1/8" up from the top of the support base (or plate).